THE THIRD EYE Patent Pending

Unique in its versatility, Third Eye wireless thermal attachment is a smart solution for thermal capability on the go. Paired with smart glasses, Third Eye's patent-pending design delivers lightweight, hands-free convenience - creating a multitude of uses never before available on the market.

What's more, Third Eye is unconstrained by operating systems and ports. The same unit can operate with iOS and Android and, if desired, transmit a thermal video from a distance of up to 10 yards.

Developed by innovation-driven Round Concept, Third Eye's unique, patent-pending design adds a whole new dimension to the functionality of smartphones, tablets and wearables while bringing everyday practicality to thermal imaging.

Turns smart glasses and mobile devices into advanced thermal vision systems

Night Vision applications for professional and amateur uses

Precise remote temperature measurements and scanning ideal for medical, industrial and environmental uses

Instrumental for search and rescue

Live-video streaming capable

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