About Us:

The Round Concept was created by Ivan Arbouzov, former CEO and President of several successful companies in the world of electronics and optics. In collaboration with its key partners, who are providing the legal support, development and manufacturing capabilities, the Signal is set to introduce multiple innovations in variable fields, predominantly electronics.


Fish & Richardson P.C - Intellectual Property protection www.fr.com

Since 1878, Fish and Richardson had been at the forefront of evolutionary change in technology and patent law.

It all began when Frederick Fish opened the office in Boston. Since then Fish has left a footprint in every area of the technology map, from patenting the early telephone to patenting the keys on a Steinway piano. Fish and Richardson represented technology luminaries such as Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, and the Wright brothers before they were stars, when they were entrepreneurs with innovative ideas and a drive to succeed. Since then, the firm has continued to grow into an IP powerhouse, representing today’s visionaries in technology, business, and the arts, while boasting a client list that ranges from individual inventors to top-tier multinational corporations.

Fish has a legal team of more than 350 in 12 offices across the world. It’s attorneys, more than 76 of whom hold PhD’s in a broad variety of technologies, have the knowledge and skills to assist technology-driven clients in the areas important to their success.

Fish offers more than just patent protection. In addition to traditional IP services, it provides regulatory, financing, and licensing advice to help it’s clients maximize the value of their IP.

For more than a century, Fish and Richardson has been inspired by the inventive fearlessness of it’s clients with only one mission in mind: to help them become the technology legends of tomorrow.

Axonim Devices - Electronics development and manufacturing www.axonim.by

Axonim is an innovative company with significant expertise in the development and application of embedded systems. Its clients are companies operating in various spheres of human activity: process automation, automotive, banking, consumer electronics, telecommunications, retail, etc. Strong academic background helps Axonim to resolve technical issues on more than one level hence making it an invaluable partner in product development cooperation.

Phillip Case

Phillip Case is a disability advocate and NHS improvement technologist. Experienced in NHS/Medical Devices, Philip is disabled, partial amputee with complicated medical history of his own. His specialization and interests are in AR/VR/MR Smart Glasses, home automation, connected care, wearables, 3D printing, prosthetics, robotics, mind/gesture/voice controlled technology. Working on e-Wheelchair projects and solutions, Phillip is involved with the various aspects of AR Smart Glasses. His advice and consulting on the various uses of this technology is highly regarded in the industry and reaches out to healthcare, vehicle manufacturing, gaming, therapy and more.

3D-Tech, LLC - Marketing materials and content development www.3d-tech.com

Helping with a huge part of what it takes to be successful, the 3D-Tech works within the Round Concept group. With a team that is capable of making a product look right and properly offered, the company is poised to provide all necessary marketing support for the products launched by the Round Concept