The JUNO - Wellness Monitoring System Patent Pending

Most monitoring systems provide audio and/or visual capabilities. Many have 2-way communication features. Some can even monitor vitals via attachments or wearables. But the JUNO wellness monitoring system can do it all - and without attachments, cords or special garments.

Developed by innovation-driven Round Concept, the JUNO combines next-generation thermal vision technology with cutting-edge image processing enabling it to detect micro-movement as subtle as a heartbeat and determine head-to-toe body temperature day or night with amazing 0.5 dergee C precision.

Parents and caregivers are now able to see, hear, comfort and communicate with their child or loved one while staying alert to the slightest movements or irregularities.

- Noninvasive optics measure heartrate and temperature within 0.5 degree Celsius.

- Records measurement history which can be shared with a doctor.

- Day or night visual, sound and 2-way communication.

- Multiple malfunction warning systems.

- Unparalleled protection and peace of mind.

Press Releases CES 2015: MLRF